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Before booking a reading with me, be sure to completely read through


All of my readings except the full monty spreads will be conducted via live chat either on Google or Facebook and will begin promptly at start time that we agree to in our email correspondence. All clients are expected to be present from start time to end of the reading. Failure to correspond with my chat messages in a timely fashion will result in termination of your session without a refund. All spreads come with a photo of your layout.  The 1 card and 3-4 card spreads will also come with a transcript of our chat session for you to revert back to at any time you’d like.


1 Card Quickie…………………………………….. $25.00 USD

A one card reading is a good way to get some quick insight to a nagging issue or a burning question. These quick readings can range anywhere from 15 – 30 minutes depending on how much information I am able to gather from the cards pertaining to your situation. 


3-4 Card Spread……………………………………. $60.00 USD

This spread is great for looking at the problem, figuring out the action you can take, and the possible outcomes you can bring forth by taking that action. These readings can take approx. 30 minutes.


5 – 10 Card Full Monty …………………………………… Ranges From $80 – 130.00 USD

These  are probably the most in depth spreads I have to offer. These large spreads are used to dig much deeper on an issue, for greater clarification from various perspectives and help to really see the bigger picture . They are very detailed and give great insight that is helpful in any decision making process. It can also help you figure out where you need to put the focus exactly, and what you need to stop wasting your time on. I don’t do these readings via live chat, as they are very detailed and I like to take my time to process them and type up your report so you have it to revert back to anytime you’d like. 


I went into my reading hoping to get some insight on my entrepreneurial venture. Justina let me know that in order for me to grow my business, I had to make some creative changes and come at it from a different perspective. Afterwards, I was inspired and came up with new ideas almost effortlessly. I’ve kept that reading in the back of my mind for any time I need to be inspired to keep going. –
Nicole Aguilar (LA, CA)

Rachel Susice BMS Tarot ClientI wasn’t sure what to expect going into my reading with Justina. I was amazed at how personable she was. She helped me see the root of my issue and allowed me to concentrate on a solution. I recommend her to anyone!
Rachel Susice (NY)

Zina Airo BMS Tarot ClientTarot was something I didn’t know much about going into my reading, but it was fun, interesting and exciting to be read by Justina! Her reading was accurate for what I had asked, and the way she explained what each card meant was so intriguing! It spoke to me genuinely and I was impressed with the result. I would definitely do it again!
Zina Airo (NJ)

Melanie Riddle BMS Tarot ClientSomewhere deep down, I knew what I had to do, but Justina’s reading gave me extra confidence and inspiration to actually put the action into motion. And for that I am very thankful!
Melanie Riddle (NJ)

Chris York BMS Tarot ClientJustina did a great tarot reading for me. I was ready for anything. She explained to me how the cards worked and any questions I had. Justina explained things that were happening as she was preparing my reading like the same card falling out of the deck while she was shuffling. All in all the cards spoke to me, made me think and definetly showed in my life something that happened later on. I think about them here and there as I am still going through these changes. I wish I could write more but the experience is unforgettable. Thank You Again Justina and hope others are guided to you.
Chris York (TX)