DoTerra Essential Oils

I began my journey with essential oils when my aunt had texted me asking if I wanted to receive some free samples from her friend, because she was trying to get some points toward a free retreat with her company, doTERRA. Of course I jumped right on it, I would be helping someone reach a goal, and I would receive some new free stuff to try, it was a win win, and a no brainer for me.

I set up a meeting with my now mentor, Marie D’urso, and we ended up talking for a good 2 hours about essential oils. She sent me home with some samples of Maleleuca, Lavender, Digestzen, and a couple others. The sample packs only come with a few drops in them, and I only used them for a few days to a week and have already noticed a complete difference. The Maleleuca (tea tree oil) cleared up some of my facial blemishes, and relieved some gum pain I was having from wisdom tooth removal, the Lavender calmed me and helped my horrible insomnia, and the Digestzen helped with some passenger seat nausea and motion sickness. When she followed up and asked how I was enjoying the samples and if I would like to schedule a class, I jumped on board right away.

After taking the free complimentary class, I walked away with LOADS of new information on how essential oils could be beneficial to me in my everyday life. I also walked away with a year wholesale membership, a wellness advocate title, a retail page, and had placed my order for my welcome family essentials kit which came with 10 oils for me to experience! I was SO unbelievably excited when I got my kit. I began sharing with my friends and family immediately, and have even turned some of them onto this new way of living.

People are starting to wake up! People are starting to realize the amount of harmful chemicals and substances in things they consume on a daily basis. We want another option. You ALWAYS have another option, and you also have a choice to live as clean and free from those harmful products as possible. doTERRA has also made it possible for me to not only get my health in check, but to also live more mindfully with the household products I have been using for years. I have started to replace storebought lotions with my coconut oil, aluminum filled deodorant for DT’s cedar wood, maleleuca, and beeswax all natural deodorant, my household cleaning products with DT’s On Guard and Citrus Oils, and over the counter pain relievers with Clarysage for my monthly period cramps. It doesn’t even stop there. DT makes toothpaste, laundry detergent, haircare, skin care, Β vitamins and supplements and the brand is even coming out with 25 new products this year!

It’s just a very exciting time for those looking for other options: healthier ALL NATURAL ones. If you are looking to go the all natural route and start experiencing the wonderful benefits of doTERRA Essential Oils, I would be so happy to answer any of the questions you may have.


  • I offer FREE complimentary Essential Oil classes in which I will inform you about the benefits of the oils and the doTERRA essential oil brand. Just contact me to set up a date and time!
  • I am a doTERRA Wellness Advocate and sell their products through my online retail page.Β PURCHASE OILS AND PRODUCTS FROM MY RETAIL PAGE HERE!Β 
  • You can save BIG BUCKS on your essential oils throughout the year just by opening a wholesale account with doTERRA ($35/yr membership gives you 25% off retail pricing all year long!) The $35/yr membership is waived if you open your account with one of our amazing welcome kits (prices vary on the kits, I will be more than happy to show you the different ones and you can decide which would be best for you based on your budget.) By becoming a wholesale member, you also have the opportunity to make extra income by sharing the oils as well.

Email me today toΒ set up your free complimentary doTERRA Essential Oil class, or open up your wholesale account today!!