DoTerra LRP Cart Tips and Tricks 2018


Bohemian Magic Studios Presents
DoTerra LRP Cart Tips and Tricks 2018

So I wanted to do this video for anyone else who is just starting out with the business aspect of sharing oils and trying to make some commission, whether it’s to supplement income, or even replace the 9-5 grind.

These tricks might not be so new to some of you, you may have even implemented some of these ideas before, but I’m pretty new to the game and still learning certain strategies to help my business grow without me going broke and investing more than I’m getting back to start off.

Some of the Topics I’ll cover in this video are:

1. How to meet my 100 PV in my LRP (Loyalty Rewards Points) Cart so that I can collect commissions, without digging into my own pocket.

2. How to get the FREE Product of the Month, without digging out of my own pocket to process an LRP order.

3. How to get people purchasing through your LRP cart, to pay you for the oils on time, so that you can ensure your order is processed on time.

4. What happens to your account when it expires, and what happens when you re-enroll.

5. Explanation of the fast start bonus.

6. What to do with your cart to set it up for the following month, after your current LRP month order is processed.

7. How to bag the products in a cute and effective way for people who are purchasing oils from you through your LRP cart.

8. How to get repeat purchasers or even new new-enrollments through the use of product samples.

Those are just some of the topics I cover in this video. If you have questions or topics that I didn’t cover in this video that you would like me to talk about – just comment your question below, or email me at

If you are interested in purchasing any of the products you saw in todayโ€™s video or interested in a doTERRA year membership so you can save big bucks on your oils through wholesale pricing (25% off retail price all year long!) and even have the opportunity to make some extra income sharing these magickal oils, email me for that as well!

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