Faerie Magazine: Practical Magic Issue REVIEW!

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Faerie Magazine: Practical Magic Issue REVIEW!


Hello You Magickal Beings!

Welcome back to another Witchy Review!! I have in my hands, the latest issue of FAERIE MAGAZINE! And this issue is in honor of Alice Hoffman’s much anticipated prequel to Practical Magic, a very beloved book amongst the whimsical witchy community. The prequel is titled “The Rules of Magic” and centers around the aunts and their upbringing during the 60s. It explains how they dealt with the nasty curse placed upon them by their ancestor Maria, so that any man who falls in love with them meets an untimely fate. It’s such a wonderful book surrounding themes of love, loss and obviously magic…

This mag issue has that same touch of magick all throughout, as Alice Hoffman herself has graced the pages with excerpts of the new release, as well as other short stories she has to share. It’s also chock full of poetry and emotive photography, and other articles & interviews, practical magic and otherwise.

Some of my favorite excerpts from the issue include the Red Shoes and all of the other magickal things the sisters were prohibited from experiencing. I also loved editor Carolyn Turgeon’s very relatable article about why she loves the movie practical magic – it’s the same reason why I’m sure we all fell in love with it as well! I also love the excerpt on courage tea and the article about all of the Herbs from the books, which are displayed on illustrated pages beautiful enough to be found in a book of shadows. The Aunt’s checklist for living a magickal life is a fun little read, and Tricia Saroya’s PM Party Tips are a fun little read if you’re planning on hosting your own witchy gathering!

Other great articles include Veronica Varlow’s “Magic House” and Charlotte Baker’s excellent instructional piece on “How to Make a Broom” – a must know for every witch! And no witchy compilation is complete without a word from Salem’s most badass witch Laurie Cabot, and a look behind the witch shop Enchantments located in NYC’s village.

So if you’re craving something a little witchy, be sure to pick up this issue and let’ start a discussion down below!

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