Salt Dough Sun Craft Project (For Litha)

Bohemian Magic Studios Presents
Salt Dough Sun Craft Project (For Litha) Part 1&2


Hello My Magickal Beings!!

I wanted to share a very magickal craft project with you all today because we are right in time for LITHA, aka the Midsummer Solstice!!

Litha is the longest day of the year when the solar energies are at their most heightened state. The power of nature is strong, everything is in bloom and flourishing and ripening on their vines to prepare for Lammas (harvesting festival)!

In this video, I thought it would be fun to celebrate the solstice by honoring the sun with this cute little salt dough sun craft project for Litha, which is one of the projects pinned in my pinterest board for Litha! View my whole Litha Pinterest board HERE!

I am using the Salt Dough recipe from the Ozark Pagain Mamma!

It’s a very simple recipe with only 3 ingredients:
Salt, Flour & Water! You’ll also need some small bowls to use as stencils to cut our your circle shapes. You can get curly handle utensils, just like the one I used to make the sun’s rays here!

Also if you would like to get in the spirit for Litha, here is a super informative book that has some amazing rituals, recipes, lore, spells, divination, crafts, correspondences, invocations, prayers and meditations. It’s called Llewellyn’s Sabbat Esstentials: Midsummer Rituals, Recipes, & Lore for Litha! I did a complete review on this book which you can watch HERE!

So after your sun plaque and ornaments are baked, you can paint them! Please watch part 2 of this video above,  to join me as we paint and glitter our suns for Litha!

For the painting of the sun, here are the following supplies that I used!

All of the paints that I used are from Liquitex:
Cadmium Yellow Medium (Base Color on Body)
Cadmium Red Light (Shading Wash on Base /Around Face/in Swirls)
Also Cad Red Light on Cheeks
Burnt Umber Deeper Shade in Crevices Throughout
Ultramarine Blue (Green Shade) for Eye Pupils
White Paint for eye sockets

I mentioned Acra Crimson in the video, but I actually only ended up using that color for the ornaments, and not on the sun plaque.

I also used fine pink glitter and the ribbons and glitter pens, I just bought from the dollar store!


Comments? Questions? Suggestions? Ideas for videos?

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