The Witch Is In: November 2017 UPDATES!

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The Witch Is In | November 2017 Updates

Hello Magickal Beings!!

It’s been a LONG time since I posted on this channel, but this video will explain a little bit about my absence. I had a LOT of things going on this past year with my wedding and all of the planning that had gone into that.

Despite the fact that I haven’t been too present on this channel or any of my social media for that matter, that does not mean that the cameras had stopped rolling! I have so much footage and a bunch of content that I just did not have the time to edit. This video explains a bit about what I plan to do with that footage, and how I plan to release it.

Also, I didn’t have the time to do a wedding recap video just yet… that is currently in the works, as I am still trying to decide how I want to compile all of that for you. I may end up doing a wedding video series, because there is seriously that much stuff to cover… the wedding shenanigans are endless… I don’t even know where to start, and my delay on this is honestly just due to feeling overwhelmed with not even knowing where to start… I will keep you posted on this!

Also in this video, I’ll touch on my plans for the upcoming sabbat, YULE! I plan to keep my Wheel of the Year studies going with the Llewellyn Sabbat Essentials, so I’m super stoked about that…

That is about all I have for you right now…just know that there is SO much in store, and ALOT of bonus content currently being edited and scheduled, and a lot of NEW videos being planned and filmed as well πŸ™‚

Also if you have followed me on Instagram, I know I’ve been absent on there as well. I am going to hold off on new Tea and Tarot Tuesday posts until after the new year. It’s tough to get around to those right now, and I just want to give myself a little extra time to catch up on the content I’m backed up on. I don’t want to completely overwhelm myself off the bat. But yep, lots in store!

Let me know if you have any comments or questions or suggestions for videos for me to do! Comment below, or email me personally at


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